Robert Bly

De Amerikaanse dichter en schrijver Robert Bly werd geboren op 23 december 1926 in Madison, Minnesota. Zie ook alle tags voor Robert Bly op dit blog.


It must be that my early friendship with defeat
Has given me affection for the month of August.
The potato fields belong to early night.

So many times as a boy I sat in the dirt
Among dry cornstalks that gave assurances
Every hour that Francis had his ear to the night.

Columbus’s letters tell us that we will receive
The gifts that mariners all receive at the end—
Memories of gold and a grave in the sand.

The shadow of a friend’s hand gives us
Promises similar to those we received from
The light under the door as our mother came near.

I am the father who wept for Joseph.
I am the sparrow that flies through the warrior’s
Hall and back out into the falling snow.

I don’t know why these images should please me
So much; an angel said: “In the last moment before night
Brahms will show you how loyal the notes are.”


Ravens Hiding in a Shoe

There is something men and women living in houses
Don’t understand. The old alchemists standing
Near their stoves hinted at it a thousand times.

Ravens at night hide in an old woman’s shoe.
A four-year-old speaks some ancient language.
We have lived our own death a thousand times.

Each sentence we speak to friends means the opposite
As well. Each time we say, “I trust in God,” it means
God has already abandoned us a thousand times.

Mothers again and again have knelt in church
In wartime asking God to protect their sons,
And their prayers were refused a thousand times.

The baby loon follows the mother’s sleek
Body for months. By the end of summer, she
Has dipped her head into Rainy Lake a thousand times.

Robert, you’ve wasted so much of your life
Sitting indoors to write poems. Would you
Do that again? I would, a thousand times.


The Great Society

Dentists continue to water their lawns even in the rain:
Hands developed with terrible labor by apes
Hang from the sleeves of evangelists;
There are murdered kings in the light-bulbs outside movie theaters:
The coffins of the poor are hibernating in piles of new tires.

The janitor sits troubled by the boiler,
And the hotel keeper shuffles the cards of insanity.
The President dreams of invading Cuba.
Bushes are growing over the outdoor grills,
Vines over the yachts and the leather seats.

The city broods over ash cans and darkening mortar.
On the far shore, at Coney Island, dark children
Playing on the chilling beach: a sprig of black seaweed,
Shells, a skyful of birds,
While the mayor sits with his head in his hands.


De nacht dat Abraham naar de sterren riep

Herinner je je de avond dat Abraham voor het eerst
De sterren zag? Hij riep naar Saturnus: “U bent mijn Heer!”
Wat was hij blij! Toen hij de Morgenster zag,

Riep hij: “U bent mijn Heer!” Hoe gebroken was hij
Toen hij zag hoe ze onder gingen. Vrienden, hij is zoals wij:
Wij nemen als onze Heer de sterren die ondergaan.

We zijn trouwe metgezellen van de ontrouwe sterren.
Wij zijn gravers, net als dassen; we houden ervan om het vuil
Te voelen dat achter onze achterpoten vandaan vliegt.

En niemand kan ons ervan overtuigen dat modder niet
Mooi is. Het is onze dassenziel die dat denkt.
We zijn klaar om de rest van ons leven door te brengen

Met wandelen in modderschoenen door de natte velden.
We lijken op ballingen in het koninkrijk van de slang.
We staan in de uienvelden naar de nacht omhoog te kijken.

Mijn hart is overdag een kalme aardappel en een huilende
verlaten vrouw in de nacht. Vriend, vertel me wat ik doen moet,
Want ik ben een man die verliefd is op de ondergaande sterren.


Vertaald door Frans Roumen


Robert Bly (Madison, 23 december 1926)


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