The Grandest of Slams (Matt Harvey)

Dolce far niente


Wimbledon Tennis Party door Edward Brewtnall, ca. 1890

The Grandest of Slams

Excuse me. I’m sorry. I speak as an
For the game of lawn tennis there’s no
better symbol than Wimbledon,
The place where the game’s flame was
sparked and then kindled in,
Where so many spines have sat straight
and then tingled in

Where strawberries and cream have
traditionally been sampled in,
Kids’ eyes have lit up and their cheeks
have been dimpled in

Where tough tennis cookies have
cracked and then crumbled in,
Top seeds have stumbled, have
tumbled, been humbled in

Where home-grown heroes’ hopes have
swelled up and then dwindled in
The Grand Slams’ best of breed – it’s the
whizz, it’s the biz,
The temple where physics expresses
its fizz.
There’s one word for tennis and that
one word is

Matt Harvey (Cheshire, 1962)

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