Corpus Christi (Michael Walker)

Bij Sacramentsdag


Corpus in Sevilla door Manuel Cabral Bejarano, 1857


Corpus Christi

Sprinkle me with hyssop and with dew,
To prepare me for the Wedding Feast.
In union with You, I am made new,
Strengthened against the Marks of the Beast.

‘This is my body, given up for you, ‘
We say to one another in the dark,
That I might always do what you would do;
Your breathing is my secret, sacred spark.

Bread of Angels, feed my starving soul!
Your Flesh and Blood alone light up my life.
Tasting You alone can make me whole,
For You alone are peace amidst the strife.

Corpus Christi, crystal carnal crux,
You are steady, though the world’s in flux.


Michael Walker (New Plymouth, 1945)
St Andrew’s Church in New Plymouth

Zie voor de schrijvers van de 20e juni ook mijn vorige blog van vandaag.

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