Jesus Loves Me (John R. Rice)

Bij de 7e zondag van Pasen

In The Arms Of His Love door Greg Olsen, 2012

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus is such a Saviour,
Jesus is such a Friend.
Never forsakes nor leaves me,
Nor fails my needs to send.
Jesus who died to save me,
Jesus who sought for me,
Now with His love surrounds me,
Oh, what a Friend Is He.

Now in His love I glory,
Rest and rejoice in Him.
Blood-bought and dear to Jesus,
My Joy is full within.
Nothing then, I’m persuaded,
Can take me from His hand,
Nor height nor depth, nor powers,
Satan, nor self, nor man.

Why should you slight the Saviour?
Why turn from Him away?
Where will you find forgiveness,
Loving care, night and day
Nobody else could save you,
Nobody else could pay
Sin’s debt for poor, lost sinners,
He would be yours today.

What can I do for Jesus?
NOW may I Him repay?
Oh, to tell all the story,
Of His salvation’s way.
Never a theme for singing,
Never a truth for praise
As Jesus’ love for sinners,
I’ll sing it all my days.

Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me;
For me He died,
And the crimson tide
Proves that He loves me,
That Jesus loves me;
So sing it again,
That Jesus loves me

Marysville Baptist Church in Cooke County,
de geboorteplaats van
John R. Rice

Zie voor de schrijvers van de 2e juni ook mijn volgende blog van vandaag.

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