Poem for the father (Alejandra Pizarnik)

Dolce far niente


Man on Bench door J. Coates, z. j.


Poem for the father

And it was then
that with a dead and cold tongue in his mouth
he sang the song they didn’t let him sing
in this world of obscene gardens and of shadows
that came at the wrong time to remind him
of songs from his boyhood
in which he couldn’t sing the song he wanted to sing
the song they didn’t let him sing
except through his absent mouth
through his absent voice.
Then from the highest tower of absence
his song echoes in the opacity of the hidden
in the silent extension
full of shifting hollows like the words I write.


Vertaald door Jose Valqui

Alejandra Pizarnik (29 april 1936 – 25 september 1972)
Avellaneda, de geboorteplaats van Alejandra Pizarnik


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