The Common Christ (Chad Ashby)

Bij de 14e zondag door het jaar


Christus onderwijst in de synagoge van Nazareth door Gerbrand van den Eeckhout, 1658


The Common Christ

Oh, the beauty of the Incarnation:
God the Son made flesh and plain.
Cried we, “Common Man, how can you save us?”
Yet for the common sinner was he slain.

“We ask you how, O Carpenter’s Son,
Shall vic’try come by hands that hammer swung?
By a Simple Man who puts nails to wood
Can the Kingdom of Heaven truly come?

We have your mother in our midst,
And your brothers living here beside.
Simple Jesus, you’re our native Son,
Your sisters our men have made their wives.

Whence comes your wisdom and mighty acts,
For your stature grew in our town?
Shall we now your disciples become
And upon your head bestow a crown?

No, no, Young Man, our allegiances lie
With a Messiah whose sword and heavy boot
In vengeance and wrath our enemies crush
Defeating them with the tread of his foot.”

Quietly departing his hometown,
“Crushed in due time my enemies shall be
And a crown shall I wear before all men,
Only, after Man’s Son is crushed for thee.

My enemies I came to live among–
Every father, mother, daughter, and son.
My low estate is to be your blessing,
That as one brought death, now life through One.


Chad Ashby (College Street Baptist Church in Newberry)
De College Street Baptist Church


Zie voor de schrijvers van de 8e juli ook mijn vorige blog van vandaag.

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