Dolce far niente, Groen-grijs gebied (Jesse Laport)


Dolce far niente


Gezicht op het Kerkplein en de Sint-Eusebiuskerk te Arnhem, z.j.
door Jurriaan Marinus Beek (5 april 1879 – 15 oktober 1965)


Groen-grijs gebied

Geen heuvels; bulten
geen monumenten; panden
geen gesprekken; praatjes
geen gedoe; gedonder;

aan de Rijn maakt niemand alles mooier
maar doet niet van iets of het niets is
aan de Rijn pas je in geen enkel hokje
dan het hokje dat je bouwt

ze kunnen gedichten schrijven
verhalen verzinnen
liederen zingen
video’s maken

maar plaatsen kunnen ze ons niet

wie hier woont
pást niet in je plaatje
wie hier wonen
voldoen niet aan stigmata

dit is geen Randstad
geen periferie
dit is de Rijnstad

we zijn een groen, we zijn een grijs gebied


Jesse Laport (Arnhem, 1991)
Arnhem gezien vanaf de Rijn door Abraham van der Zee (1882-1958)


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Federico García Lorca, Adriaan Morriën, Ken Follett, Paul Farley, Geoff Dyer

De Spaanse dichter en toneelschrijver Federico Garcia Lorca werd geboren op 5 juni 1898 in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada. Zie ook alle tags voor Federico Garcia Lorca op dit blog.


Ballad Of The Moon

The moon came into the forge
in her bustle of flowering nard.
The little boy stares at her, stares.
The boy is staring hard.
In the shaken air
the moon moves her amrs,
and shows lubricious and pure,
her breasts of hard tin.
“Moon, moon, moon, run!
If the gypsies come,
they will use your heart
to make white necklaces and rings.”
“Let me dance, my little one.
When the gypsies come,
they’ll find you on the anvil
with your lively eyes closed tight.
“Moon, moon, moon, run!
I can feelheir horses come.”
“Let me be, my little one,
don’t step on me, all starched and white!”

Closer comes the the horseman,
drumming on the plain.
The boy is in the forge;
his eyes are closed.
Through the olive grove
come the gypsies, dream and bronze,
their heads held high,
their hooded eyes.

Oh, how the night owl calls,
calling, calling from its tree!
The moon is climbing through the sky
with the child by the hand.

They are crying in the forge,
all the gypsies, shouting, crying.
The air is veiwing all, views all.
The air is at the viewing.


Vertaald door Will Kirkland


Arbolé, Arbolé

Tree, tree
dry and green.

The girl with the pretty face
is out picking olives.
The wind, playboy of towers,
grabs her around the waist.
Four riders passed by
on Andalusian ponies,
with blue and green jackets
and big, dark capes.
‘Come to Cordoba, muchacha.’
The girl won’t listen to them.
Three young bullfighters passed,
slender in the waist,
with jackets the color of oranges
and swords of ancient silver.
‘Come to Sevilla, muchacha.’
The girl won’t listen to them.
When the afternoon had turned
dark brown, with scattered light,
a young man passed by, wearing
roses and myrtle of the moon.
‘Come to Granada, inuchacha.’
And the girl won’t listen to him.
The girl with the pretty face
keeps on picking olives
with the grey arm of the wind
wrapped around her waist.
Tree, tree
dry and green.


Vertaald door William Logan

Federico García Lorca (5 juni 1898 – 19 augustus 1936)
Portret door Alejandro Cabeze, 2015


De Nederlandse dichter en schrijver Adriaan Morriën werd geboren op 5 juni 1912 in Amsterdam. Zie ook alle tags voor Adriaan Morriën op dit blog.



Nog voor zonsondergang valt reeds de wind,
het land wordt diep waarin de boomen zwijgen
en de gedachten ruimte en toekomst krijgen,
voor ’t open raam denkt menig moeder aan haar kind.

En in den nacht wordt ’t gouden haar ontbonden
en streelen vingers een bemind gelaat;
het spel is oud waarvoor wij namen vonden
zoo zoet dat geen herinnering geheel vergaat.

In vele kamers schijnt de glans der maan
over de lichamen die zich verstrenglen;
de liefde raakt ons in ’t voorbijgaan aan,
maakt ons één nacht haar uitverkoren englen.

Wie nu nog rond ziet in de leege straat
hoort hoe het loover nauwlijks leeft en fluistert,
de vogel onder maan en sterren klaagt,
de klimroos maakt het venster zoet en duister.

Straks gloort de morgen boven bosch en weiden,
het landschap waar het vee slaapt in het gras
wordt vochtig van den dauw, de vijver blinkt als glas
waarover schaduwen van wolken glijden.

Als de rivier zich rekt in ’t heldre licht
en langs de wegen menschen naar de dagtaak loopen,
begint de wind opnieuw en waait den hemel open,
de boomen ruischen in het vergezicht.

Adriaan Morriën (5 juni 1912 – 7 juni 2002) 


De Engelse schrijver Ken Follett werd geboren op 5 juni 1949 in Cardiff, Wales. Zie ook alle tags voor Ken Follett op dit blog.

Uit: Fall of Giants

„22 June 1911
On the day King George V was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London, Billy Williams went down the pit in Aberowen, South Wales.
The twenty-second of June, 1911, was Billy’s thirteenth birthday. He was woken by his father. Da’s technique for waking people was more effective than it was kind. He patted Billy’s cheek, in a regular rhythm, firmly and insistently. Billy was in a deep sleep, and for a second he tried to ignore it, but the patting went on relentlessly. Momentarily he felt angry; but then he remembered that he had to get up, he even wanted to get up, and he opened his eyes and sat upright with a jerk.
“Four o’clock,” Da said, then he left the room, his boots banging on the wooden staircase as he went down.
Today Billy would begin his working life by becoming an apprentice collier, as most of the men in town had done at his age. He wished he felt more like a miner. But he was determined not to make a fool of himself. David Crampton had cried on his first day down the pit, and they still called him Dai Crybaby, even though he was twenty-five and the star of the town’s rugby team.
It was the day after midsummer, and a bright early light came through the small window. Billy looked at his grandfather, lying beside him. Gramper’s eyes were open. He was always awake, whenever Billy got up; he said old people did not sleep much.
Billy got out of bed. He was wearing only his underdrawers. In cold weather he wore his shirt to bed, but Britain was enjoying a hot summer, and the nights were mild. He pulled the pot from under the bed and took off the lid.
There was no change in the size of his penis, which he called his peter. It was still the childish stub it had always been. He had hoped it might have started to grow on the night before his birthday, or perhaps that he might see just one black hair sprouting somewhere near it, but he was disappointed. His best friend, Tommy Griffiths, who had been born on the same day, was different: he had a cracked voice and a dark fuzz on his upper lip, and his peter was like a man’s. It was humiliating.
As Billy was using the pot, he looked out of the window. All he could see was the slag heap, a slate-grey mountain of tailings, waste from the coal mine, mostly shale and sandstone. This was how the world appeared on the second day of Creation, Billy thought, before God said: “Let the earth bring forth grass.” A gentle breeze wafted fine black dust off the slag on to the rows of houses.”

Ken Follett (Cardiff, 5 juni 1949)


De Britse dichter en schrijver Paul Farley werd geboren op 5 juni 1965 in Liverpool. Zie ook alle tags voor Paul Farley op dit blog.


For St Jerome

Guardian of the date-stamp and card catalogue,
keeper of knowledge, and a staff notice-board
pinned with drunks and men who lick the atlases,
go with me while I Tipp-Ex-out the bogies
and spray Glade in the newspaper section.
Curmudgeon, teach me how to smile while fining
the sinners who have lately been in hospital,
who were struck dumb by lightning, or forgot.
Teach me to bear their crumbs and bookmarks
with the fortitude for which you are not famous:
the bus tickets, postcards, rashers of bacon
and once – give me strength – a knotted condom.
Gatekeeper, watch over books on loan;
their months of purgatory spent in bath steam
or under beds. Watch over those abandoned
on bus seats or park benches. Heal the torn.
Take them back from houses with the measles.
Inform Environmental Health at once.
And teach me to work with an abrupt demeanour,
And the martyrdom of the index, which was yours;
to speak out in the silence of your feast day
whose widespread celebration is long overdue.

Paul Farley (Liverpool,. 5 juni 1965)


De Engelse schrijver Geoff Dyer werd op geboren 5 juni 1958 in Cheltenham. Zie ook alle tags voor Geoff Dyer op dit blog.

Uit: Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi

“On top of that he was supposed to make sure – at the very least – that she agreed to grant Kulchur exclusive rights to reproduce a drawing Morison had made of her, a drawing never previously published, and not even seen by anyone at Kulchur, but which, due to the fear that a rival publication might get hold of it, had acquired the status of a rare and valuable artefact. The value of any individual part of this arrangement was irrelevant. What mattered was that in marketing and publicity terms (or, from an editorial point of view, circulation and advertising) the planets were all in alignment. He had to interview her, had to come away with the picture and the right to reproduce it. Christ Almighty … A woman pushing an all-terrain pram glanced quickly at him and looked away even more quickly. He must have been doing that thing, not talking aloud to himself but forming words with his mouth, unconsciously lip-synching the torrent of grievances that tumbled constantly through his head. He held his mouth firmly shut. He had to stop doing that. Of all the things he had to stop doing or start doing, that was right at the top of the list. But how do you stop doing something when you are completely unaware that you’re doing it? Charlotte was the one who pointed it out to him, when they were still together, but he’d probably been doing it for years before that. Towards the end that’s how she would refer to this habit of muted karaoke. ‘That thing,’ she would say. ‘You’re doing that thing again.’ At first it had been a joke between them. Then, like everything else in a marriage, it stopped being a joke and became a bone of contention, an issue, a source of resentment, one of the many things that rendered life on Planet Jeff – as she termed the uninhabitable wasteland of their marriage – intolerable. What she never understood, he claimed, was that life on Planet Jeff was intolerable for him too, more so, in fact, than for anyone else. That, she claimed, was precisely her point.”

Geoff Dyer (Cheltenham, 5 juni 1958)


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