Dolce far niente, Bert Leston Taylor, Anton Korteweg, Hasso Krull, Alfred Kossmann

Dolce far niente


Dolce far niente door Frank Buchser, 1857


Dolce Far Niente

Ship me to the far Marquesas,
Where there ain’t no daily pape;
For from whittling witless wheezes
I would very fain escape.

I would sit unnumbered days out
With my back against a palm,
Where I’d read and smoke and gaze out
On the ocean wide and calm.

Far away from witless wheezes,
In those islands of the blest,
In the sleepy old Marquesas,
I would get a longed-for rest.

Every day there is manana,
For the native’s one ambish
Is to pick the gay banana
And to snare the festive fish.

I would take some dusky tulip —
Not to rear a savage race,
But to shake me up a julep
When I felt the need of brace.

Oh, it’s there that I’d be winging,
From this world of guff and gab,
For the bulbul is a-singing
In his ancient baobab.

In those isles of peace and plenty
I would loaf beneath a palm,
In a dolce far niente
And a transcendental calm.


Bert Leston Taylor (13 november 1866 – 19 maart 1921)
Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen, MA, de geboorteplaats van Bert Leston Taylor

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