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De Ierse schrijfster en columniste Maeve Binchy werd geboren op 28 mei 1940 in Dalkey. Zie ook alle tags voor Maeve Binchy op dit blog.

Uit: Quentins

“Brenda and her friend Nora had been inseparable during catering college. They made plans for life, which varied a bit depending on what was happening. Sometimes they thought they would go to Paris together and learn from a French chef. Then they might set up a thirty-bedroom hotel in the countryside, which would have a waiting list of six months for people trying to come and stay.
In reality, of course, it was slightly different. Shifts here and there and a lot of waitressing. Too many people after the same jobs, plenty of young men and women with experience. Nora and Brenda found it hard going at the start.
So they went to London, where two things of great significance happened. Nora met an Italian man called Mario who said he loved her more than he loved life itself. And Nora certainly loved him as much, if not more.
Brenda at the time caught a heavy cold, which turned into pneumonia, and as a result lost her hearing for a time. She regarded this deafness as a terrible blow. She, who could almost hear the grass grow before her illness.
“I was never sympathetic enough to deaf people,” she wept to the busy doctor who gave her leaflets on lip-reading classes and told her to stop this self-pity, her hearing would return in time.
So Brenda went to the classes, mainly much older people, men and women struggling with hearing aids.
She learned how to practice on a VCR machine. You watched the news with the volume turned down over and over until you could guess what they were saying, and then you turned it up very high to check if you were right.
Miss Hill, the teacher, loved Brenda, as she was so eager to learn. Brenda learned tostudy people’s faces as they spoke, trying to make sense of what she couldn’t hear. Brenda understood that the hard letters to hear were the ones in the middle of a word. Most people could read the word “pay” or “pan,” for example, but it was much harder to see a hidden consonant like an L or an R in the middle of a word. “Pray” or “plan” were much more difficult to work out. You had to do that from the meaning of the sentence.”


Maeve Binchy (28 mei 1940 – 30 juli 2012)


De Britse schrijver Ian Fleming werd geboren op 28 mei 1908 in Londen. Zie ook alle tags voor Ian Fleming op dit blog.

Uit: You Only Live Twice

“The geisha called ‘Trembling Leaf’, on her knees beside James Bond, leant forward from the waist and kissed him chastely on the right cheek.
‘That’s a cheat,’ said Bond severely. ‘You agreed that if I won it would be a real kiss on the mouth. At the very least,’ he added.
‘Grey Pearl’, the Madame, who had black lacquered teeth, a bizarre affectation, and was so thickly made up that she looked like a character out of a No play, translated. There was much giggling and cries of encouragement. Trembling Leaf covered her face with her pretty hands as if she were being required to perform some ultimate obscenity. But then the fingers divided and the pert brown eyes examined Bond’s mouth, as if taking aim, and her body lanced forward. This time the kiss was full on the lips and it lingered fractionally. In invitation? In promise? Bond remembered that he had been promised a ‘pillow geisha’. Technically, this would be a geisha of low caste. She would not be proficient in the traditional arts of her calling – she would not be able to tell humorous stories, sing, paint or compose verses about her patron. But, unlike her cultured sisters, she might agree to perform more robust services – discreetly, of course, in conditions of the utmost privacy and at a high price. But, to the boorish, brutalized tastes of a gaijin, a foreigner, this made more sense than having a tanka of thirty-one syllables, which in any case he couldn’t understand, equate, in exquisite ideograms, his charms with budding chrysanthemums on the slopes of Mount Fuji.”


Ian Fleming (28 mei 1908 – 12 augustus 1964)
Scene uit de Bondfilm uit 1967 met Sean Connery



De Nederlandse schrijver en dichter Sjoerd Leiker werd geboren in Drachten op 28 mei 1914. Zie ook alle tags voor Sjoerd Leiker op dit blog.

Uit: Kind van het elysium

“Als klein kind reeds had hij den slaap leeren kennen als een verlossing uit de wereld, die met hardheden als vloeken en vuisten het schoonste wat men kan denken, verslaat. Zoo, in den voornacht, terwijl hij neerlag op het schamel bed onder de hanebalken, werd hem het leven een koude waan. Hij dacht even nog aan die lange dorre, vaak tierende vrouw, die hij ‘moeder’ moest noemen, en sloeg met de hand iets weg, dat in het donker voor hem stond. Ook even dacht hij aan zijn vader, die groote norsche vent met weekblauwe oogen en steeds zwijgenden mond, vader, die hij zou willen omhelzen, aan wiens schouder hij zou willen slapen, maar die hem van zich duwde, als de vrouw, die zijn tweede moeder was, naar hen keek. In het donker dacht hij en fluisterde zacht: ‘Vader, ik wil zoo graag bij je zijn.’ Als hij dat gezegd had was het goed. Dan krampte er geen pijn meer in zijn borst. Dan behoefde hij niet schichtig meer te zijn, zoo meende hij, voor de vrouw, die hem sloeg voor het geringste vergrijp en zelfs voor zonden, die niet hij, maar haar eigen gebroed bedreven had. Dan werd het mild in zijn binnenste. Hij vergat alle mensch en alle ding, alleen niet die hooge palm, die zwart tegen den blauwen nachthemel silhoueteerde…… En ook niet het ruischen van de zee, die in den zomeravond eentonig zingt langs de Indische kusten, eentonig en betooverend als de gamelan, die klaar in zijn herinnering deunt. Die klanken: het ruischen van de zee en de gamelan, ze vloeien te zamen. Hij weet niet meer wat de zee en wat de gamelan voor geluid geeft, soms niet, overdag nooit. Overdag kan hij niet droomen, ook niet denken. Overdag kan hij alleen maar bang zijn, opletten voor de slagen van een schielijk naast hem staande vrouw.
Wat hij overdag aan bewustheid en zelfvertrouwen mist, dat ontvangt hij nu reeds jaren lang vlak voor het slapen gaan. Zoo’n wonderlijke moed. Zoo’n bewustheid. Hij is nog maar een kind, een klein kind, maar zoo bewust treedt hij elken avond de slaap binnen, dat men, was het mogelijk hem dan te zien, was het mogelijk een ziel te aanschouwen, zich zou verbazen over den kleinen servielen knaap.”

Sjoerd Leiker (28 mei 1914 – 15 december 1988)



De Russische schrijver en dichter Vladislav Felitsianovitsj Chodasevitsj werd geboren in Moskou op 28 mei 1885. Zie ook alle tags voor Vladislav Chodasevitsj op dit blog.


“God Alive!”

God alive! I’m not beyond coherence:
mindfully, I walk among my poems
like a disobliging abbot
among his humble monks.
I shepherd my obedient flock
with a staff that’s bursting into bloom.
The keys to the mysterious garden
hang clinking at my belt.
I ponder hopefully, I pronounce.
Metalogical? Maybe the angel
that stands in the presence of God to sing,
or the oxen that don’t even recognise God,
way beyond thought as they moo and bellow.
But I’m no angel of brightness,
no cruel serpent, no idiot bull.
From generation to generation
this human language has been spoken:
I love its rigourous freedom,
I love its twisting laws…
O may my last expiring groan
be wrapped inside an articulate ode!


Through the consoling April sun
the breeze, so very unconsoling,
a sandy whirlwind on the road –
shutting up the chattering starling.

Up above the northern latitudes,
dark grey clouds are bulking high.
Bowler hats get pulled down tight –
but these two dandies let theirs fly.

And under the noise of the rumbling hail,
the proud and wicked heart revives:
“That’s our very own lightning-crack,
the wingbeat as our spring arrives!”


Vertaald door Peter Daniels


Vladislav Chodasevitsj (28 mei 1885 – 14 juni 1939)



De Ierse dichter en songwriter Thomas Moore werd geboren op 28 mei 1779 in Dublin. Zie ook alle tags voor Thomas Moore op dit blog.


Oft in the stilly night

Oft in the stilly night,
Ere slumber’s chain has bound me,
Fond Memory brings the light
Of other days around me:
The smiles, the tears,
Of boyhood’s years,
The words of love then spoken;
The eyes that shone,
Now dimmed and gone,
The cheerful hearts now broken.
Thus in the stilly night,
Ere slumber’s chain has bound me,
Sad Memory brings the light
Of other days around me.

When I remember all
The friends so linked together
I ’ve seen around me fall,
Like leaves in wintry weather,
I feel like one
Who treads alone
Some banquet-hall deserted,
Whose lights are fled,
Whose garlands dead,
And all but he departed.
Thus in the stilly night,
Ere slumber’s chain has bound me,
Sad Memory brings the light
Of other days around me.


Thomas Moore (28 mei 1779 – 25 februari 1852)
Borstbeeld in Bermuda



De Russische dichter, schrijver en schilder Maximilian Voloshin werd geboren op 28 mei 1877 in Kiev. Zie ook alle tags voor Maximilian Voloshin op dit blog.


In Pursuit

My thoughts chant: “we’re tired…we’re freezing …”

I sleep. But asleep my spirit is restless.
Racing through snowy deserts
In a dreadful, distant land.

My spirit is with you through the rocking train.
My thoughts are chanting on and on,
My spirit’s in Russia, and Antigone leads
the blind man through scorching desert terrain.

My spirit is racing, brushing the plains
Along this land’s tormented paths.
And the fine threads of bloody dreams
Wreathe through the world and burrow into my heart.

My spirit whirls away with you…
Frost weaves across the windowpane
And we nestle against the glass,
Our gazes to the hyacinth-blue moon.

My thoughts are chanting on and on…
My spirit is with you through the rocking train.
Antigone leads the blind man away
Along the rocky paths of scorching desert terrain…


Vertaald door Masha Udensiva-Brenner 


Maximilian Voloshin (28 mei 1877 – 11 augustus 1932)



De Deense dichter en schrijver Bernhard Severin Ingemann werd geboren op 28 mei 1789 in Thorkildstrup op het eiland Falster. Zie ook alle tags voor B. S. Ingemann op dit blog.


The sun that in the East does rise

The sun that in the East does rise
Drapes clouds with golden gown,
O’er seas and peaks it sails the skies,
O’er countryside and town.

It comes from that fair coast so bright
Where Paradise once lay;
It comes with joy and life and light
To great and small alway.

It brings to us a greeting fine
From Eden’s rising dawn,
Where stood the Tree with fruit sublime,
Where Life’s pure fount was born.

It greets us from Life’s home afar,
Where God’s light did abound
O’er Bethlehem with that bright star
The East’s Wise Men once found.

And with God’s sun comes from the East
A distant heavn’ly glow,
A glimpse of Paradise’s coast,
Where Life’s great orchards grow.

And all the stars from near and far
Bow as East’s sun gains height:
It seems to them so like the star
O’er Bethlehem that night.

You sun of suns from Bethlehem!
May thanks and praises rise
For every glint from Life’s true home
And from your Paradise!


Bernhard Severin Ingemann (28 mei 1789 – 24 februari 1862)
Standbeeld in Kopenhagen



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