Herinnering aan Gerard Reve, Hanz Mirck, Christoph Hein, Judith Koelemeijer, Nnedi Okorafor, Barbara Kingsolver

Herinnering aan Gerard Reve

Vandaag is het precies 11 jaar geleden dat de Nederlandse dichter en schrijver Gerard Reve overleed. Zie ook alle tags voor Gerard Reve op dit blog en eveneens mijn blog van 14 december 2006. en mijn blog van 9 april 2006.



Eens was ik jong en schoon.
Vrouwen die met mij dansten werden in mijn armen
medegevoerd tot duizelingwekkende hoogten.
Nu gaat er niets meer omhoog:
het enige dat stijf staat zijn mijn gewrichten.
Ach, waar zijt gij gebleven
zoete, bittere, onstuimige jeugd?


Gerard Reve (14 december 1923 – 8 april 2006)
Portret door Gerrit Breteler, z.j.

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John Fante, Johann Christian Günther, Glendon Swarthout, Martin Grzimek, Hégésippe Moreau

De Amerikaanse schrijver John Fante werd geboren in Colorado op 8 april 1909. Zie ook alle tags voor John Fante op dit blog.

Uit: Ask the Dust

“Then I went down the hill on Olive Street, past the horrible frame houses reeking with murder stories, and on down Olive to the Philharmonic Auditorium, and I remembered how I’d gone there with Helen to listen to the Don Cossack Choral Group, and how I got bored and we had a fight because of it, and I remembered what Helen wore that day — a white dress, and how it made me sing at the loins when I touched it. Oh that Helen — but not here.
And so I was down on Fifth and Olive, where the big street cars chewed your ears with their noise, and the smell of gasoline made the sight of the palm trees seem sad, and the black pavement still wet from the fog of the night before.
So now I was in front of the Biltmore Hotel, walking along the line of yellow cabs, with all the cab drivers asleep except the driver near the main door, and I wondered about these fellows and their fund of information, and I remembered the time Ross and I got an address from one of them, how he leered salaciously and then took us to Temple Street, of all places, and whom did we see but two very unattractive ones, and Ross went all the way, but I sat in the parlor and played the phonograph and was scared and lonely.
I was passing the doorman of the Biltmore, and I hated him at once, with his yellow braids and six feet of height and all that dignity, and now a black automobile drove to the curb, and a man got out. He looked rich; and then a woman got out, and she was beautiful, her fur was silver fox, and she was a song across the sidewalk and inside the swinging doors, and I thought oh boy for a little of that, just a day and a night of that, and she was a dream as I walked along, her perfume still in the wet morning air.
Then a great deal of time passed as I stood in front of a pipe shop and looked, and the whole world faded except that window and I stood and smoked them all, and saw myself a great author with that natty Italian briar, and a cane, stepping out of a big black car, and she was there too, proud as hell of me, the lady in the silver fox fur. We registered and then we had cocktails and then we danced awhile, and then we had another cocktail and I recited some lines from Sanskrit, and the world was so wonderful, because every two minutes some gorgeous one gazed at me, the great author, and nothing would do but I had to autograph her menu, and the silver fox girl was very jealous.”

John Fante (8 april 1909 – 8 mei 1983)
Affiche voor de film uit 2006 met o.a. Colin Farrell (Arturo)

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