The Second Advent (Thomas Hill)

Bij de tweede zondag van de Advent


Peace door William Strutt, 1896
Het schilderij toont de leeuw en het lam uit Jesaja 11, 1-10


The Second Advent

Not in a humble manger now,
Not of a lowly virgin born,
Announced to simple shepherd swains,
That watch their flocks in the early morn;

Not in the pomp of glory, come,
While throngs of angels hover round,
Arrayed in glittering robes of light,
And moving to the trumpet’s sound;

But in the heart of every man,
O, Jesus, come, and reign therein,
And banish from the human breast
The darkening clouds of guilt and sin.

Come, spread thy glory over earth,
Fill every heart with truth and love,
Till thy whole kingdom here below
Be filled with peace like that above.

For such a glory, when on earth,
Thou prayedst to thy Father, God;
He heareth thee, and soon will spread
Thy glory and thy truth abroad.

Then shall no more by brothers’ hands
The blood of brother men be spilled,
Nor earth’s fair scenes with captives’ tears
And groans of dying slaves be filled.

But every where shall songs of joy
And hymns of praise to God arise:
The true millennial glory then
Shall bless thy waiting followers’ eyes.


Thomas Hill (7 januari 1818 – 21 november 1891)
Portland, Maine, waar Thomas Hill werkte als predikant


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