A. M. Homes, Mazarine Pingeot, Viktor Rydberg, Thomas Strittmatter, Miles Marshall Lewis, Saki

De Amerikaanse schrijfster Amy Michael Homes werd geboren op 16 december 1961 in Washington DC. Zie ook alle tags voor A. M. Homes op dit blog.

Uit:This Book Will Save Your Life

“Did you notice the hole?” Richard asks Cecelia, the housekeeper, as he is eating breakfast.
“What hole?”
“Look out the window, there’s a big dent like the kind of place a UFO might have landed if you believe in that kind of thing.”
“The only things I believe in are God and a clean house. Are you going to put your headphones on or do I have to talk to you all day.” Cecelia takes her can of Endust to the window and looks out. “Not only is there a hole,” Cecelia says. “There’s a horse in the hole.”
He stops eating and goes to the glass.
There is a horse in the center of the hole, eating grass. Again, he thinks of the signs on the telephone poles at the bottom of the hill. “UFO? You Are Not Alone.”
“Don’t just stare at it,” Cecelia says.
Richard goes outside, stands with his feet on the edge of the hole—it is definitely deeper than it was two hours ago. The horse looks up.
“Are you stuck?” Richard asks the horse. “Can you climb out? Come out, while it’s not so deep.”
The horse doesn’t move. Richard goes back into the house “He doesn’t want to come out,” Richard says to Cecelia.
“A horse in a hole is like a salt shaker in a coffee cup,” Cecelia says. “It makes no sense.”
“The horse got into the hole, he must know how to get out of the hole.” Richard goes to the window. Now there’s a coyote standing at the edge of the hole, or at least he thinks it’s a coyote. It’s standing at the edge of the hole menacing the horse, and the horse is frightened.
Richard looks around for Cecelia—she’s vacuuming in the living room. He picks up his noise-canceling headphones, takes two metal pot lids from the kitchen and goes back outside, banging the lids together like cymbals, yelling, “Scram. Go away and be gone.” The coyote runs.
The horse sighs, flares his lips, blinks at Richard.”

A. M. Homes (Washington DC,16 december 1961)

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