Charles Busch, Albert Alberts, Ilija Trojanow, Willy Russell, Gustav Ernst

De Amerikaanse schrijver en acteur Charles Busch werd geboren op 23 augustus 1954 in New York. Zie ook mijn blog van 23 augustus 2010 en ook alle tags voor Charles Busch op dit blog.

Uit: Psycho Beach Party

« Chicklet, a wholesome All-American teenage girl suffers from a multiple personality syndrome. At the big luau, Starcat, a surfer and a psychology major, hypnotizes her and she reveals the dark secret that has caused her personality to fracture.
I was so angry with my mother. I wanted to hurt her. I took my brother Frankie’s hand and we crossed the street to the playground. There were these awful slum children playing, pounding strange primitive instruments. A sharp breeze caused the wild flowers to have the wizened faces of starving circus clowns. The sky seemed so threatening, as if the clouds were created of demented angels warning me to flee. But I couldn’t. I look down and there’s a pale green snake slithering along the crack of the pavement, a cooly seductive creature on its way to a lizard ball. This viridian temptress stops to deliver me a message.
A perverse billet-doux that I must disobey my mother. No, no, I can’t do that. I love my mother. She’s kind and beautiful. The snakes multiply, in a moment, there are reptiles covering the jungle gym making those steel bars as green as grass and terrifyingly alive. And all of them whispering “Go on, go on, go on the swings. Your mother doesn’t love you.
She loathes the very sight of you.” I looked at my little brother, wearing his red overalls with the little fishes. I said, “Frankie, let’s go on the swings. It’ll be fun. I don’t care what Mama said,” He got on the swing and I pushed him. Harder and harder I pushed him until he was soaring into the clouds and that’s when I dared him. I dared him, “I bet you can’t stay on with no hands.” He took me up on the bet and let go, and my wonderful little twin brother, this adorable little boy who loved and trusted me, he flew off the swing and into the outstretched arms of those ghastly angels and I never saw him again until we found his crushed, little body in thedumpster next door!“

Charles Busch (New York, 23 augustus 1954)
Lauren Ambrose als Chicklet en Charles Busch (r) als Captain Monica Stark in een opvoering in 2000

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Ephraïm Kishon, William Henley, Edgar Lee Masters, Theobald Hock, Andrei Pleşu, Aleksander Grin

De Hongaars/Israëlische schrijver Ephraïm Kishon werd op 23 augustus 1924 in Boedapest geboren. Zie ook mijn blog van 23 augustus 2010 en ook alle tags voor Ephraïm Kishon op dit blog.

Uit:The Silver Frenzy

“I reconnoitered the flat and silver-painted two worn-down door handles, a dripping kitchen tap, and three aluminum saucepans (after the treatment they looked like new), plus the cactus pot and the cactus spines, a few trifles like a shoehorn, an ash tray, two footstools, and the kitchen table.
By then I really wanted to stop, because I felt I was falling from one extreme to the other, but when I saw the paint flaking off my faithful old motorcycle, the least I could do was drag it out onto the porch and highlight its streamlined form. But my tackling the rear chain as well points to a certain deterioration of my mental balance, no doubt brought about by the inhu­man weather. By then I had completely lost control over myself, and as the floor tiles had anyway become covered with a pattern of silver polka dots, it occurred’ to me to relieve the monotony of the floor with a checkerboard effect.
After the checkerboard I said, “Now, enough!” But down on my knees in front of the stove, I gave it another coat. Then it occurred to me that it was in bad’ taste to paint only two door handles silver, therefore I silver-plated all door and window handles, then devoted a few minutes to the picture frames and made a few changes in the reproduction of the Mona Lisa, dressing her in a silver lame evening gown, which fitted her imbecile smirk much better.
But while painting the sides of the radio set, I realized that my shoes had become covered with silver freckles, which I made disappear under an even layer. The shoes were literally shining, and I am really surprised that nobody has yet thought of making aluminum shoes, especially for wear with dark suits. After silvering the covers of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, I really decided to stop after rejuvenating the lamps, which I did while standing on a ladder. (Funny ladder: I could have sworn it was aluminum, though I knew it was wood!) I painted the light bulbs as well, and as I stood there on top of the. ladder, some paint spilled on the Persian rug, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rug had an amazing ability for absorbing silver paint, which proves what gratifying progress kibbutz industry has made”.

Ephraïm Kishon (23 augustus 1924 – 29 januari 2005)

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