Jojo Moyes


De Britse schrijfster en journaliste Jojo Moyes werd geboren op 4 augustus 1969 in Londen. Zij groeide op als enig komd van gescheiden ouders. Zij werkte na de middelbare school in diverse beroepen voordat zij zowel aan Bedford College als aan Royal Holloway, allebei Colleges van de University of London sociologie ging studeren. Met een studiebeurs gefinancierd door The Independent, die ze ontving in 1992, was ze uiteindelijk in staat om succesvol te journalistiek te studeren aan de City University in Londen. Met de uitzondering van een jaar in 1994, in Hong Kong schrijvend voor de Sunday Morning Post, werkte Moyes werkte vervolgens bijna tien jaar bij The Independent in verschillende functies. Met de roman “Sheltering Rain” debuteerde Moyes 2002 als schrijfster. Voortaan concentreerde ze zich volledig op het schrijven en was zij slechts sporadisch actief als columniste, waaronder voor The Daily Telegraph. Met haar tweede roman “Foreign Fruit” won ze haar eerste Romantic Novel of the Year Award van de Britse Romantic Novelists’ Association. In 2011 ontving zij de prijs voor de tweede keer, iets wat weinig schrijvers gelukt is, en wel voor de roman “The Last Letter From Your Lover”. Haar grootste succes tot nu toe was echter de roman “Me Before You” uit 2012. Het boek werd in meer dan 31 talen vertaald. Filmstudio MGM kocht in januari 2013 de filmrechten voor “Me Before You” jaar. Moyes verzet zich tegen de betiteling van haar werk als Chicklit.

Uit: Me Before You

“When he emerges from the bathroom she is awake, propped up against the pillows and flicking through the travel brochures that were beside his bed. She is wearing one of his T-shirts, and her long hair is tousled in a way that prompts reflexive thoughts of the previous night. He stands there, enjoying the brief flashback, rubbing the water from his hair with a towel.
She looks up from a brochure and pouts. She is probably slightly too old to pout, but they’ve been going out a short enough time for it still to be cute.
“Do we really have to do something that involves trekking up mountains, or hanging over ravines? It’s our first proper holiday together, and there is literally not one single trip in these that doesn’t involve either throwing yourself off something or”—she pretends to shudder—”wearing fleece.”
She throws them down on the bed, stretches her caramel-colored arms above her head. Her voice is husky, testament to their missed hours of sleep. “How about a luxury spa in Bali? We could lie around on the sand . . . spend hours being pampered . . . long relaxing nights . . .”
“I can’t do those sorts of holidays. I need to be doing something.”
“Like throwing yourself out of airplanes.”
“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”
She pulls a face. “If it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll stick with knocking it.”
His shirt is faintly damp against his skin. He runs a comb through his hair and switches on his mobile phone, wincing at the list of messages that immediately pushes its way through to the little screen.
“Right,” he says. “Got to go. Help yourself to breakfast.” He leans over the bed to kiss her. She smells warm and perfumed and deeply sexy. He inhales the scent from the back of her hair, and briefly loses his train of thought as she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him down toward the bed.
“Are we still going away this weekend?”
He extricates himself reluctantly. “Depends what happens on this deal. It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment. There’s still a possibility I might have to be in New York. Nice dinner somewhere Thursday, either way? Your choice of restaurant.” His motorbike leathers are on the back of the door, and he reaches for them.”


Jojo Moyes (Londen, 4 augustus 1969)