In Memoriam Ruth Rendell

In Memoriam Ruth Rendell

De Britse schrijfster Ruth Rendell is zaterdagmorgen op 85- jarige leeftijd overleden. Dat heeft haar uitgever laten weten. Ruth Rendell werd geboren als Ruth Grasemann in Londen op 17 februari 1930. Zie ook alle tags voor Ruth Rendell op dit blog.

Uit: Some Lie and Some Die

“And thou,”‘ he said, ‘”what needest with thy tribe’s black tents who hast the red pavilion of my heart?” There’s going to be a lot of that going on, Mike, so you’d best get used to it. Letts’ll have to put a couple of men on that quarry if we don’t want gate-crashers.’
‘I don’t know,’ said Burden. ‘You couldn’t get a motorbike in that way.’ He added viciously: ‘Personally, I couldn’t care less who gets in free to Silk’s bloody festival as long as they don’t make trouble.’
On the Sundays side the chalk slope fell away unwalled; on the other it was rather feebly protected by broken chestnut paling and barbed wire. Beyond the paling, beyond a narrow strip of grass, the gardens of three houses in The Pathway were visible. Each had a tall new fence with its own gate. Wexford looked down into the quarry. It was about twenty feet deep, its sides overgrown with brambles and honeysuckle and wild roses. The roses were in full bloom, thousands of flat shell-pink blossoms showing against the dark shrubby growth and the golden blaze of gorse.
Here and there rose the slim silver trunks of birches. In the quarry depths was a little natural lawn of turf scattered with harebells. One of the flowers seemed to spiral up into the air, and then Wexford saw it was not a flower at all but a butterfly, a Chalkhill Blue, harebell-coloured, azure-winged.
‘Pity they had to build those houses. It rather spoils things, doesn’t it?’
Burden nodded. ‘These days,’ he said, ‘I sometimes think you have to go about with your eyes half-closed or a permanent crick in your neck.’
‘It’ll still be lovely at night, though, espcially if there’s a moon. I’m looking forward to hearing Betti Ho. She sings those anti-pollution ballads, and if there’s anything we do agree on, Mike, it’s stopping pollution. You’ll like Miss Ho. I must admit I want to hear this Vedast bloke do his stuff, too.’
‘I get enough of him at home,’ said Burden gloomily. ‘John has his sickly love stuff churning out night and day.’

Ruth Rendell (17 februari 1930 – 2 mei 2015)