Esther Freud, Jef Last, Gottfried Benn, Rob Waumans, Tilman Rammstedt, James Holmes, Wytske Versteeg

De Engelse schrijfster Esther Freud werd geboren in Londen op 2 mei 1963. Zie ook alle tags voor Esther Freud op dit blog.

Uit: Summer at Gaglow

“Of the three girls it was only Bina who was allowed to stay up for the night-time celebrations. Places had been laid for a hundred people at a long gallery of tables that spiralled round the dining room. Bina came up to the nursery where both Nanny and the governess, Fraulein Schulze, burst into praise over her dress and the way in which her hair had been arranged. Eva stared furiously into her green baize box and cursed that she was years too young. ‘It’s even worse luck for me,’ Martha said, and it cheered Eva up a little to see that she was right.
Their mother came up to wish them both goodnight. `You have been more than perfect today.’ She smiled, glittering in the doorway of their double room, while Martha and Eva sat at twin dressing tables and stared sulkily back at her through the glass. `Sleep well.’ She blew them each a kiss and left them to rejoin the party.
`Did you see the earrings she had on?’ Martha gasped, and Eva agreed that they were hideous. Great red rubies that dragged down the lobes of her ears. `And such skinny arms.’ She winced, continuing to give her hair the one hundred obligatory strokes insisted upon by Nanny.
`Well, at least we have Bina to report back.’ Eva brushed vigorously. `Not to mention,’ she lowered her voice, `our own dear Schu.’
`Now, now, children.’ It was Nanny standing behind them with their nightdresses, freshly pressed and aired. `I’m sure Fraulein Schulze will be too busy enjoying herself to have time for such nonsense.’
`Oh, Omi, Omi Lise,’ they both protested. They caught each other’s eye and grinned. This was exactly what their governess had time for and what, above anything, she enjoyed. It was her wicked bedtime stories that had won them over at the very start, and the way she poked fun at strangers, livening up the walks they took even on the most dreary days, and filling her charges, each one, with a small, warm well of spite.
Eva lay in bed, listening to the distant strains of the music and running over in her mind the various eligible girls invited by her mother. Who. would Emanuel be dancing with, she wondered, and she smiled at the off-hand way in which he had accepted their attentions.
`Martha?’ she whispered. `Martha, are you asleep?’

Esther Freud (Londen, 2 mei 1963)

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Jurgis Baltrusaitis, Novalis, Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt, Angela Krauß, Gisela Elsner


De Litouwse schrijver en vertaler Jurgis Baltrušaitis werd geboren op 2 mei 1873 in Paantvardys. Zie ook alle tags voor Jurgis Baltrušaitis op dit blog.


The Surf

The day’s wild ocean sings and thunders,
And beats against the fatal shore,
This breaker with dumb sorrow sunders,
And these like laughing victors roar,
Their sheen – one joy of vernal wonders,
Their sheen – vast winter’s shining hoar.

In wrath triumphant forward swinging,
The lifted billow calls and fails,
A joyous giant shouting, singing,
Its voice the voice of sounding gales,
Its glory in the sunlight flinging,
Whose noonday glow it holds and hails.

Across the sea, now lightly foaming,
Another rears, that stirs the deep,
And floods the shore with the silence gloaming;
Morose and slow it seems to creep
Like one who drops, worn out with roaming,
From his bent back a fatal heap.

Each moment new, with changing power,
The surf is thundering alone.
Now idle, now it seems to lower,
Hymning a sylence all unknown,
Like a dark heart asleep, – for hour
On hour in restless monotone.


Jurgis Baltrušaitis (2 mei 1873 – 3 januari 1944)

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Franz Innerhofer, Jamal Abro, Clyde Fitch, John Galt, Jerome K. Jerome, Udo Steinke, Klaus Konjetzky


De Oostenrijkse schrijver Franz Innerhofer werd geboren op 2 mei 1944 in Krimml. Zie ook alle tags voor Franz Innenhofer op dit blog.

Uit: Schöne Tage

„Wieder in der Küche, fragte die Stiefmutter, warum er kein weißes Hemd angezogen habe. Dann ging alles sehr schnell. Der Weiße Sonntag nicht bewußt. Schulbeichte nicht nachgeholt. Schrecken. Aufspringen des Vaters. Resignation. Holl in die etwas höher liegende Speisekammer gestoßen. Hose herunter. Mit Riemen zugeschlagen. Wie immer mußte Holl um die Züchtigung bitten, nach der Züchtigung sich bedanken. Eine Übernahme vom Großvater. Die ersten Riemenhiebe schmerzten am meisten, dann sah Holl nur noch gelangweilt zum vergitterten Fenster hinauf. Das Keuchen des Vaters widerte ihn an. Die Hose mußte er halten, weil die Knöpfe ausgerissen waren. Dann warf ihn der Vater über die Stufen auf den Küchenboden hinunter, wo er hart aufschlug. Aufschreien der Stiefmutter. Stumme Gesichter der Mägde. Schmerz. Holl schämte sich. Dann befahl ihm der Vater daheim zu bleiben.”

Er wollte nicht auch noch die letzte Schande auf sich nehmen. über Arbeit klagen, war die größte Schande. Er wollte nur noch sterben, einschlafen und nicht mehr aufwachen, aber er wurde immer wieder geweckt, brutal aus dem Schlaf gerissen, und dachte sofort an die Schlucht, die Hose feucht-kalt, die Fußlappen feucht, die Stiefel feucht, die Milchkannen kalt, der Melkeimer kalt. Er torkelte hinter dem Melker durch den dreckigen Stall und dachte: Morgen geht da ein anderer.“


Franz Innerhofer (2 mei 1944 – 19 januari 2002)
Scene uit de film “Schöne Tage“ uit 2006

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