Philip Roth, Mano Bouzamour, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Lina Kostenko, Petar Preradović, Hans Mayer

De Amerikaanse schrijver Philip Roth werd geboren op 19 maart 1933 in Newark. Zie ook alle tags voor Philip Roth op dit blog.

Uit: American Pastoral

“The elevation of Swede Levov into the household Apollo of the Weequahic Jews can best be explained, I think, by the war against the Germans and the Japanese and the fears that it fostered. With the Swede indomitable on the playing field, the meaningless surface of life provided a bizarre, delusionary kind of sustenance, the happy release into a Swedian innocence, for those who lived in dread of never seeing their sons or their brothers or their husbands again.
And how did this affect him—the glorification, the sanctification, of every hook shot he sank, every pass he leaped up and caught, every line drive he rifled for a double down the leftfield line? Is this what made him that staid and stone-faced boy? Or was the mature-seeming sobriety the outward manifestation of an arduous inward struggle to keep in check the narcissism that an entire community was ladling with love? The high school cheerleaders had a cheer for the Swede. Unlike the other cheers, meant to inspire the whole team or to galvanize the spectators, this was a rhythmic, foot-stomping tribute to the Swede alone, enthusiasm for his perfection undiluted and unabashed. The cheer rocked the gym at basketball games every time he took a rebound or scored a point, swept through our side of City Stadium at football games any time he gained a yard or intercepted a pass. Even at the sparsely attended home baseball games up at Irvington Park, where there was no cheerleading squad eagerly kneeling at the sidelines, you could hear it thinly chanted by the handful of Weequahic stalwarts in the wooden stands not only when the Swede came up to bat but when he made no more than a routine putout at first base.”

Philip Roth (Newark, 19 maart 1933)


De Nederlandse schrijver Mano Bouzamour werd geboren op 19 maart 1991 in Amsterdam. Zie ook alle tags voor Mano Bouzamour op dit blog.

Uit: De belofte van Pisa

“Het was avond. De maan was wazig, het leek alsof iemand had geprobeerd om hem weg te gummen. Mijn broer en Soesi parkeerden hun scooters voor de Coffee Company in de Beethovenstraat.
Mijn broer liep voorop. Soesi waggelde naast me. Je kon hem van mijlenver herkennen aan zijn pinguïnachtige loopje. Hij waggelde met zijn voeten in een uitgediepte V, in een soort plié.
Ze legden hun handen in mijn nek toen we de weg overstaken richting de school. Bij het verlichte bordes stonden van die nette mensen, wat zeg ik, alléén maar nette mensen.
‘Hervormd Lyceum’ stond er boven de schooldeur.
Soesi zei: ‘Ze gaan je op deze school misvormen, ouwe.’
De deftige mensen staarden ons aan. De gesprekken vielen stil toen wij langsliepen. Soesi werd er behoorlijk kriegel van. Hij vroeg een oude mevrouw: ‘Heb ik soms wat van je an, ouwe?’
Hij nam zichzelf van top tot teen op.
Nike Air Max.
Opgeschoren kapseltje.
De mevrouw, die overduidelijk uit het stenen tijdperk stamde, was gestoken in een beige pak. Ze had onnatuurlijk witte tanden en versleten blond haar, maar wel een superstrak gezicht.”

Mano Bouzamour (Amsterdam, 19 maart 1991)


De Amerikaanse schrijfster Lynne Sharon Schwartz werd geboren op 19 maart 1939 in New York. Zie ook alle tags voor Lynne Sharon Schwartz op dit blog.

Uit: Not Now, Voyager

“I could try going to the front desk, but that would mean finding my clothes in the dark and climbing down the series of rocky, twisting paths that led to the main building. The architecture of the hotel was unclear, diabolical, really, with the rooms laid out in clumpy outcroppings set in the hills. If there even was a front desk—I hadn’t yet seen one, nor, if it existed, did this seem the kind of hotel where someone would be on duty all night. The drowsy Norwegian had led us straight from his lair to our rooms, and the dinner, lamb stew, which he proudly announced that he had cooked himself, was served on a terrace. Who could say where that terrace might be, in this hilly maze? I could go out and climb the stairs to my daughter’s room in the dark, but I didn’t want to wake her merely to have her share my panic, which had now crept all the way inside my head and was pattering around. Besides disturbing her, it would embarrass me. I was the mother, after all.
I tried the lights again, then sat on the bed in the dark. Where was I, not literally, but in relation to reality as I understood it? And more important, why? Where was the rest of the world with all its people? The darkness closed around me like a fleece coat. Soon it might stifle me. The night could last forever. The night was vast and I was a speck: that was the lesson of great literature and I knew it well. No one would find me in its vastness. No one would think of looking here, in Orkos. Why had I done this, left home to sit in a dark room in an endless night in a deserted town in the middle of the Aegean Sea? Ariadne was discovered and saved by Dionysus, but I had no such expectations.”

Lynne Sharon Schwartz (New York, 19 maart 1939)


De Oekraïense schrijfster en dichteres Lina Kostenko werd op 19 maart 1930 geboren in Rzhyshchiv. Zie ook alle tags voor Lina Kostenko op dit blog.


But also true winged soil is not necessary.
Earth is not, it will be heaven.

No field, it will be done.
No steam, it will cloud.

This is probably true bird …
But what about the man? And what about the man?

He lives on the ground. I do not fly.
A wing has. A wing has!

They are the wings, not down, now, “I
And of truth, virtue and trust “me.

Who – with fidelity in love.
Who – with eternal aspirations.

Who – with sincerity to work.
Who – with generosity to care.

Who – the song, or hope,
Or with poetry, or dreams.

Man allegedly does not fly …
A wing has. A wing has!

Lina Kostenko (Rzhyshchiv, 19 maart 1930)


De Kroatische dichter en schrijver Petar Preradović werd geboren op 19 maart 1818 in het dorp Grabrovnica bij Virovitica. Zie ook alle tags voor Petar Preradović op dit blog.

Traveller (Putnik, fragment)

Why did I not listen to you?
When all of this you said to me:
“My son please don’t leave your mother
And a bed soft as a feather
Forever beneath my wings

“Please don’t go, son – my dearest one,
Don’t abandon your father’s roof.
All distant lands they have their own
And won’t recognize your sorrow
A foreign heart just loves itself!”

Thus speaking softly to myself,
I approach a lonely shack
Which has suddenly appeared.
From travelling now I am so tired,
And so I knock upon the door.

The door is opened very slow,
The question asked: “And who are you?”
An older woman’s head looks out.
“In the name of our Lord
Old lady let me lodge tonight!


Vertaald door Barry Hajdinjak en Gordon Biok


Petar Preradović (19 maart 1818 – 18 augustus 1872)

De Duitse literatuurwetenschapper, schrijver, criticus, jurist en socioloog Hans Mayer werd geboren op 19 maart 1907 in Keulen. Zie ook alle tags voor Hans Mayer op dit blog.

Uit: Du störst mich nicht (Über Thomas und Heinrich Mann: Briefwechsel 1900-1949)

„An dieser Antinomie der Brüder und Schriftsteller hat sich auch späterhin nichts geändert, als beide im Zeichen der Weimarer Republik zusammenstanden gegen den Chauvinismus und die erbittert kleinbürgerliche Deutschtümelei. Als sie schließlich in Kalifornien leben mußten, war der Antagonismus zwar in seinen Ausdrucksformen gemildert, aber nicht verschwunden. Die Briefe des nun weltberühmten jüngeren Bruders an den älteren wirken bisweilen etwas gönnerhaft. immer literarisch stilisiert.
Heinrich dagegen hat nun den Bruder entdeckt, muß sich jedoch an den erinnerten, nicht den realen Bruder halten: trotz räumlicher Nähe. Ein erschütternder Brief Heinrichs aus Los Angeles vom 15. April 1942 befürchtet, ein Umzug nach New York werde die Verbindung zu Thomas erschweren: “In New York, wenn ich hingelange, werde ich Dich noch seltener sehen können; schon hier war es zu selten, obwohl ich immer Zeit hätte. Du bist beschäftigt, gewiß mit Leuten obendrein: mich lassen sie in Ruhe, was nichts ausmacht. Nur mit Dir ist etwas versäumt und nicht mehr nachzuholen, oder dies wäre eine unzeitgemäße Vorstellung. Mag sein, daß zuletzt die persönliche Gegenwart zurücktritt hinter die Erinnerungen. Ohne Vorsatz und kaum daß ich weiß warum, habe ich plötzlich angefangen, “Buddenbrooks” zu lesen.”

Hans Mayer (19 maart 1907 – 19 mei 2001)
Heinrich en Thomas Mann in München, 1 januari 1930


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