Großstadtweihnachten (Kurt Tucholsky)

Aan alle bezoekers en mede-bloggers een Prettig Kerstfeest!


Lovis Corinth, Weihnachtsbescherung, 1913



Nun senkt sich wieder auf die heim’schen Fluren
die Weihenacht! die Weihenacht!
Was die Mamas bepackt nach Hause fuhren,
wir kriegens jetzo freundlich dargebracht.

Der Asphalt glitscht. Kann Emil das gebrauchen?
Die Braut kramt schämig in dem Portemonnaie.
Sie schenkt ihm, teils zum Schmuck und teils zum Rauchen,
den Aschenbecher aus Emalch glasé.

Das Christkind kommt! Wir jungen Leute lauschen
auf einen stillen heiligen Grammophon.
Das Christkind kommt und ist bereit zu tauschen
den Schlips, die Puppe und das Lexikohn,

Und sitzt der wackre Bürger bei den Seinen,
voll Karpfen, still im Stuhl, um halber zehn,
dann ist er mit sich selbst zufrieden und im reinen:
»Ach ja, son Christfest is doch ooch janz scheen!«

Und frohgelaunt spricht er vom ›Weihnachtswetter‹,
mag es nun regnen oder mag es schnein,
Jovial und schmauchend liest er seine Morgenblätter,
die trächtig sind von süßen Plauderein.
So trifft denn nur auf eitel Glück hienieden
in dieser Residenz Christkindleins Flug?
Mein Gott, sie mimen eben Weihnachtsfrieden …
»Wir spielen alle. Wer es weiß, ist klug.«


Kurt Tucholsky (9 januari 1890 – 21 december 1935)
Berlijn, Kurfürstendamm. Kurt Tucholsky werd geboren in Berlijn.


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David Sedaris, Elizabeth Kostova, Henry Miller, Rainer Malkowski, Mani Beckmann, Alejo Carpentier

De Amerikaanse schrijver David Sedaris werd geboren in Binghamton, New York, op 26 december 1956. Zie ook alle tags voor David Sedaris op dit blog.

Uit: Holidays on Ice

“During the second interview we were asked when we wanted to be elves. This is always a problem question. I listened as the woman ahead of me, a former waitress, answered the question, saying, “I really want to be an elf? Because I think it’s about acting? And before this I worked in a restaurant? Which was run by this rally wonderful woman who had a dream to open a restaurant? And it made me realize that it’s really really … important to have a … dream?”
Everything this woman said, every phrase and sentence, was punctuated with a question mark and the interviewer never raised an eyebrow.
When it was my turn I explained that I wanted to be an elf because it was one of the most frightening career opportunities I had ever come across. The interviewer raised her face from my application and said, “And …?”
I’m certain that I failed my drug test. My urine had roaches and stem floating in it, but still they hired me because I am short, five feet five inches. Almost everyone they hired is short. One is a dwarf. After the second interview I was brought to the manager’s office, where I was shown a floor plan. On a busy day twenty-two thousand people come to visit Santa, and I was told that it is an elf’s not to remain merry in the face of torment and adversity. I promised to keep that in mind.
I spent my eight-hour day with fifty elves and one perky, well-meaning instructor in an enormous Macy’s classroom, the walls of which were lined with NCR 2152’s. A 2152, I have come to understand, is a cash register. The class was broken up into study groups and given assignments. My group included several returning elves and a few experienced cashiers who tried helping me by saying things like, “Don’t you even know your personal ID code? Jesus, I had mine memorized by ten o’clock.”

David Sedaris (Binghamton, 26 december 1956)

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Jean Toomer, Hans Brinkmann, Willy Corsari, Alfred Huggenberger, René Bazin, Julien Benda

De Amerikaanse dichter en schrijver Jean Toomer werd geboren op 26 december 1894 in Washington, D.C. Zie ook alle tags voor Jean Toomer op dit blog.

November Cotton Flower

Boll-weevil’s coming, and the winter’s cold,
Made cotton-stalks look rusty, seasons old,
And cotton, scarce as any southern snow,
Was vanishing; the branch, so pinched and slow,
Failed in its function as the autumn rake;
Drouth fighting soil had caused the soil to take
All water from the streams; dead birds were found
In wells a hundred feet below the ground–
Such was the season when the flower bloomed.
Old folks were startled, and it soon assumed
Significance. Superstition saw
Something it had never seen before:
Brown eyes that loved without a trace of fear,
Beauty so sudden for that time of year.


A Poem from Transatlantic

Stretch sea
Stretch away sea and land
We are following thee
Thy lead is dangerous
And glorius
Stretch thyself and us
And make us live
To mount the ladder of horizons
Until we step upon the radiant plateau.

Jean Toomer (26 december 1894 – 30 maart 1967)
Portret door Weinold Reiss

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Thomas Gray Jean Galtier-Boissière, Ernst Moritz Arndt, Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis, E. D. E. N. Southworth, Jean-François de Saint-Lambert

De Engelse dichter en geleerde Thomas Gray werd geboren op 26 december 1716 in Londen. Zie ook alle tags voor Thomas Gray op dit blog.

The Fatal Sisters (Fragment)

We the reins to slaughter give;
Ours to kill, and ours to spare;
Spite the dangers he shall live.
(Weave the crimson web of war!)

They whom once the desert beach
Pent within its bleak domain,
Soon their ample sway shall stretch
O’er the plenty of the plain.

Low the dauntless earl is laid,
Gored with many a gaping wound;
Fate demands a nobler head;
Soon a king shall bite the ground.

Long his loss shall Eirin weep
Ne’er again his likeness see;
Long her strains in sorrow steep,
Strains of immortality!

Horror covers all the heath;
Clouds of carnage blot the sun.
Sisters, weave the web of death;
Sisters, cease, the work is done.

Hail the task, and hail the hands!
Songs of joy and triumph sing!
Joy to the victorious bands
Triumph to the younger king.

Mortal, thou that hear’st the tale,
Learn the tenor of our song.
Scotland, through each winding vale
Far and wide the notes prolong.

Sisters, hence with spurs of speed;
Each her thundering falchion wield;
Each bestride her sable steed.
Hurry, hurry to the field!

Thomas Gray (26 december 1716 – 30 juli 1771)
Portret door Arthur Pond, ca. 1731

Doorgaan met het lezen van “Thomas Gray Jean Galtier-Boissière, Ernst Moritz Arndt, Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis, E. D. E. N. Southworth, Jean-François de Saint-Lambert”