Eugène Ionesco, Marilynne Robinson, Luisa Valenzuela, Louis Verbeeck, William Cowper

De Frans-Roemeense schrijver Eugène Ionesco werd geboren op 26 november 1912 in Slatina, Roemenië. Zie ook alle tags voor Eugène Ionesco op dit blog.

Uit: Victims of Duty

MADELEINE: Well, my dear, you know, the law is necessary,and what’s necessary and indispensable is good, and everything ’s that good is nice. And it really is very nice indeed to be a good, law-abiding citizen and do one ’s duty and have a clear conscience!…
CHOUBERT: Yes, Madeleine. When one really thinks about it,you’re right. There is something to be said for the law.
MADELEINE: Of course there is.
CHOUBERT: Yes, yes. Renunciation has one important advantage: it’s political and mystical at the same time. It bears fruit on two levels.
MADELEINE: So you can kill two birds with one stone.
CHOUBERT: That’s what ’s so interesting about it.
CHOUBERT: Besides, if I remember rightly from my historylessons, this system of government, the ‘detachment system’,has already been tried before, three centuries ago, and five centuries ago, nineteen centuries ago, too, and again last year…
MADELEINE: Nothing new under the sun!
CHOUBERT:…successfully too, on whole populations, in capital cities and in the countryside, [He gets up.] on nations, on nations like ours!
MADELEINE: Sit down.
CHOUBERT sits down again.
CHOUBERT: [sitting] Only, it’s true, it does demand the sacrifice of some of our creature comforts. It’s still rather a nuisance.
MADELEINE: Oh, not necessarily! …Sacrifice isn’t always so difficult. There’s sacrifice and sacrifice. Even if it is a bit of a nuisance right at the start, getting rid of some of our habits, once we’re rid of them, were rid of them, and you never really give them another thought!”

Eugène Ionesco (26 november 1912 – 28 maart 1994)
David Sinaiko (Choubert) en Felicia Benefield (Madeleine) in een uitvoering in San Francisco, 2008

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