Hilary Mantel, Bodo Kirchhoff, William Wall, Bernhard Schlink, Marius Hulpe

De Engelse schrijfster, critica en advocate Hilary Mary Mantel werd op 6 juli 1952 als Hilary Mary Thompson in Glossop, Derbyshire, geboren. Zie ook alle tags voor Hilary Mantel op dit blog.

Uit: Wolf Hall

“Creeping Christ? he thinks. What does he mean? His head turns sideways, his hair rests in his own vomit, the dog barks, Walter roars, and bells peal out across the water. He feels a sensation of movement, as if the filthy ground has become the Thames. It gives and sways beneath him; he lets out his breath, one great final gasp. You’ve done it this time, a voice tells Walter. But he closes his ears, or God closes them for him. He is pulled downstream, on a deep black tide.
The next thing he knows, it is almost noon, and he is propped in the doorway of Pegasus the Flying Horse. His sister Kat is coming from the kitchen with a rack of hot pies in her hands. When she sees him she almost drops them. Her mouth opens in astonishment. “Look at you!”
“Kat, don’t shout, it hurts me.”
She bawls for her husband: “Morgan Williams!” She rotates on the spot, eyes wild, face flushed from the oven’s heat. “Take this tray, body of God, where are you all?”
He is shivering from head to foot, exactly like Bella did when she fell off the boat that time.
A girl runs in. “The master’s gone to town.”
“I know that, fool.” The sight of her brother had panicked the knowledge out of her. She thrusts the tray at the girl. “If you leave them where the cats can get at them, I’ll box your ears till you see stars.” Her hands empty, she clasps them for a moment in violent prayer. “Fighting again, or was it your father?”
Yes, he says, vigorously nodding, making his nose drop gouts of blood: yes, he indicates himself, as if to say, Walter was here. Kat calls for a basin, for water, for water in a basin, for a cloth, for the devil to rise up, right now, and take away Walter his servant. “Sit down before you fall down.” He tries to explain that he has just got up. Out of the yard. It could be an hour ago, it could even be a day, and for all he knows, today might be tomorrow; except that if he had lain there for a day, surely either Walter would have come and killed him, for being in the way, or his wounds would have clotted a bit, and by now he would be hurting all over and almost too stiff to move; from deep experience of Walter’s fists and boots, he knows that the second day can be worse than the first. “Sit. Don’t talk,” Kat says.”

Hilary Mantel (Glossop, 6 juli 1952)


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Peter Hedges, Wadih Saadeh, Fabrice Colin, Tobias Sommer

De Amerikaanse schrijver, draaiboekauteur en regisseur Peter Hedges werd geboren in West Des Moines, Iowa, op 6 juli 1962. Zie ook alle tags voor Peter Hedges op dit blog.

Uit: The Heights

“Good, it’s going good,” I said, choosing not to tell him about a mysterious smell in the bathroom (the toilet was clogged and would not flush); the bar of oatmeal soap half-melted in the empty bathtub; the growing stack of unpaid bills; the clothes strewn, a Hansel and Gretel trail of little boys’ pants and shirts and underwear; and how when I finally made it to the sock drawer to finish dressing Sam, no socks matched. I made no mention of how the winter wind was sure to shatter our front windows, nor my prediction that this was going to be the coldest day of the year. After all, Tim was hard at work. Better to spare him.
Later, in the vestibule of our building, I managed to open the stroller and carry it down the stoop, all the while coaxing the boys to follow. I belted Sam in, lowered Teddy so he could ride standing in back, and we began our walk. Both boys were practically smothered under sweaters and coats and scarves and hats, gloves, boots—only their eyes could be seen. Beneath it all, I could hear them crying, and when I leaned forward to ask what was the matter, Teddy sobbed, “My eyes are cold.”
“I don’t know what to do about your eyes.”
Never enough. Never enough. A parent can never, ever do enough. I had the makings of a song.
Gloveless, scarfless, with my down jacket still unbuttoned up top— I’d forgotten about me.
Soon after we set off, it became clear that, because of the snow, our stroller wasn’t going to work. So, with the wind whipping and the need to think fast, I turned us around. Back home, I left the stroller in the vestibule and hurried to our storage closet in the basement to fetch Tim’s childhood sled. Outside, I wrapped the boys in an old blue blanket, set them on the sled, and pulled them behind me.”

Peter Hedges (West Des Moines, 6 juli 1962)


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Eino Leino, Serge Pey, Walter Flex, Paul Keller

De Finse dichter en schrijver Eino Leino (eig. Armas Eino Leopold Lönnbohm) werd geboren op 6 juli 1878 in Paltamo. Zie ook alle tags voor Eino Leino op dit blog.

The Heart

Heart, what are you sawing?
are you sawing planks,
four planks for me
to lie down in,
a pleasant place to lie down?

It’s iron I’m sawing
I’m breaking your chains
so that your soul
will be free,
your unhappy soul will be free.

Heart, what are you whispering?
Are you whispering the wondrous
path of the daylight
a pass through the mountains
toward the stars in the sky?

It’s darkness I’m whispering
dark Tuoni’s poems
chasms, trouble,
uttering nothing,
the blessedness of pride. 


Vertaald door Lola Rogers

Eino Leino (6 juli 1878 – 10 januari 1926)


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Lucas Hirsch


De Nederlandse dichter Lucas Hirsch werd geboren op 6 juli 1975 in Hilversum. Hirsch studeerde in 2002 af bij de vakgroep Amerikanistiek aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam op een vergelijkende studie tussen The Beats en De Vijftigers. Initiatiefnemer van het Amsterdamse dichtcollectief De Residentie (2003-2004). Met Jessica Kroskinski richtte hij de literaire stichting Stichting Kleine Revolutie Producties op, die in Haarlem literaire evenementen en sinds 2009 het jaarlijkse poëziefestival Elswout organiseert. In 2012 tourde Hirsch met Pieter Boskma, Hélène Gelèns, Erik Jan Harmens, John Schoorl en Joost Zwagerman door de Verenigde Staten. Werk van Hirsch verscheen o.a. in Poolse, Finse en Engelse vertaling. Hij is medewerker aan diverse literaire tijdschriften.


Nr. 1.

Vorm aan je leven geven een cirkelredenering? 
Een onbehouwen vuist, het tijdsgewricht? 
De genatuurde natuur, insomnia 

Er schampte zojuist een pijl mijn kin 
Had ik vier poten, dan ging ik op een draf 

Zwaaien gaat niet meer. Er hangen volle tassen 
aan mijn strakgespannen armen. Er vliegen vogels op 

de vlucht, het zoveelwekenplan voor elke afstand 
Wanneer wordt dit gesmeed? 

De tips, het schema, de rekensom 
We tellen af. Het land in rep en roer 

Ik verloor alle schaamte, ik verloor ieder antwoord 

Ik kom handen te kort en geen angst zo groot als 
dat je droomt dat we in slaap worden gesust 
wat je tilt uit handen valt



Nr. 20.

Een Amsterdamse investment banker verklaarde tegen de pers
dat hij er niet over piekerde zijn zuurverdiende bonus in te leveren

Volgens zijn dokter was hij allergisch voor de echte wereld
en kon hij doodgaan als hij daarin zou moeten leven

Zo vindt hij stervende negertjes in Afrika vies

De in kantoortuinen huilende mens
dient rap de uitgang van het pand
gewezen te worden want de koersen
koersen af op dramatisch dikke cijfers
in de min dus in gepaste draf de trappen af

De CEO meldt dat de ontslagen niet
van invloed zullen zijn op de relatie
met de cliënten



Lucas Hirsch (Hilversum, 6 juli 1975)