Fernando Pessoa , Willem Brakman, William Butler Yeats, Thomas Heerma van Voss, Tristane Banon, Dorothy L. Sayers, Marcel Theroux

De Portugese dichter en schrijver Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa werd geboren in Lissabon op 13 juni 1888. Zie ook alle tags voor Fernando Pessoa op dit blog.

To see the fields and the river

To see the fields and the river
It isn’t enough to open the window.
To see the trees and the flowers
It isn’t enough not to be blind.
It is also necessary to have no philosophy.
With philosophy there are no trees, just ideas.
There is only each one of us, like a cave.
There is only a shut window, and the whole world outside,
And a dream of what could be seen if the window were opened,
Which is never what is seen when the window is opened.



I want the good, I want the bad, and in the end I want nothing.
I toss in bed, uncomfortable on my right side, on my left side,
And on my consciousness of existing.
I’m universally uncomfortable, metaphysically uncomfortable,
But what’s even worse is my headache.
That’s more serious than the meaning of the universe.

Once, while walking in the country around Oxford,
I saw up ahead, beyond a bend in the road,
A church steeple towering above the houses of a hamlet or village.
The photographic image of that non-event has remained with me
Like a horizontal wrinkle marring a trouser’s crease.
Today it seems relevant…
From the road I associated that steeple with spirituality,
The faith of all ages, and practical charity.
When I arrived at the village, the steeple was a steeple
And, what’s more, there it was.

You can be happy in Australia, as long as you don’t go there.


The gods grant nothing more than life

The gods grant nothing more than life,
So let us reject whatever lifts us
To unbreathable heights,
Eternal but flowerless.
All that we need to accept is science,
And as long as the blood in our veins still pulses
And love does not shrivel,
Let us go on
Like panes of glass: transparent to light,
Pattered by the sad rain trickling down,
Warmed by the sun,
And reflecting a little.

Vertaald door Richard Zenith

Fernando Pessoa (13 juni 1888 – 30 november 1935)


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C.Buddingh’-Prijs 2014 voor Maarten van der Graaff

De C.Buddingh’-Prijs, de prijs voor de beste debuutbundel van het jaar, is op Poetry International aan de Nederlandse dichter Maarten van der Graaff toegekend voor zijn bundel “Vluchtautogedichten”. Zie ook alle tags voor Maarten van der Graaff op dit blog.

Boven de kringloop van regen en baby’s vliegt de roerdomp.
De roerdomp heeft niets met dat alles te maken.
Met de kringloop van granaten, bananen, offers, slijtage
heeft de roerdomp niets te maken. Daar moet duidelijkheid over bestaan.
Hij gelooft zelfs niet in kringlopen, de roerdomp.
‘Ieder rad is bedoeld om iemand voor ogen te draaien,’
zingt hij (wat schor van de kou op die hoogte).


Maarten van der Graaff (Dirksland, 14 oktober 1987)