Alan Hollinghurst, Radwa Ashour, Hugo Raes, Isabella Nadolny, Ivan O. Godfroid, Maxwell Bodenheim


De Britse schrijver Alan Hollinghurst werd geboren op 26 mei 1954 in Stoud, Gloucestershire. Zie ook alle tags voor Alan Hollinghurst op dit blog.

Uit: The Line of Beauty

“Catherine’s ups and downs were part of Nick’s mythology of the house. Toby had told him about them, as a mark of trust, one evening in college, sitting on a bench by the lake. ‘She’s pretty volatile, you know,’ he said, quietly impressed by his own choice of word. ‘Yah, she has these moods.’ To Nick the whole house, as yet only imagined, took on the light and shade of moods, the life that was lived there as steeped in emotion as the Oxford air was with the smell of the lake water. ‘She used to, you know, cut her arms, with a razor blade.’ Toby winced and nodded. ‘Thank god she’s grown out of all that now.’ This sounded more challenging than mere moods, and when Nick first met her he found himself glancing tensely at her arms. On one forearm there were neat parallel lines, a couple of inches long, and on the other a pattern of right-angled scars that you couldn’t help trying to read as letters; it might have been an attempt at the word ELLE. But they were long healed over, evidence of something that would otherwise be forgotten; sometimes she traced them abstractedly with a finger.


Scene uit de tv-serie „The Line of Beauty“ uit 2006


‘Looking after the Cat’ was how Gerald had put it before they went away, with the suggestion that the task was as simple as that, and as responsible. It was Catherine’s house but it was Nick who was in charge. She camped nervously in the place, as though she and not Nick was the lodger. She was puzzled by his love of its pompous spaces, and mocked his knowledgeable attachment to the paintings and furniture. ‘You’re such a snob,’ she said, with a provoking laugh; coming from the family he was thought to be snobbish about, this was a bit of a facer. ‘I’m not really,’ said Nick, as if a small admission was the best kind of denial, ‘I just love beautiful things.’ Catherine peered around comically, as though at so much junk. In her parents’ absence her instincts were humbly transgressive, and mainly involved smoking and asking strangers home. Nick came back one evening to find her drinking in the kitchen with an old black minicab driver and telling him what the contents of the house were insured for.


Alan Hollinghurst (Stoud, 26 mei 1954)

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