Tennessee Williams, Gregory Corso, Hwang Sun-won, Martin McDonagh, Robert Frost, Patrick Süskind

De Amerikaanse schrijver Tennessee Williams (eigenlijk Thomas Lanier Williams) werd geboren in Columbus, Mississippi, op 26 maart 1911. Zie ook alle tags voor Tennessee Williams op dit blog.

Uit: Something Cloudy, Something Clear

“KIP. [extending his hand through the window] Oh. Yes, we met last night. Do you have any drinking water in here?
AUGUST. A bottle of tepid soda.
KIP. Fine. Anything wet but not salty.
CLARE. [to Kip] I’m about to deliver a lecture to him on making concessions in art.
KIP. For or against?
CLARE. I think any kind of artist — a painter like Van Gogh, a dancer like Nijinsky –
AUGUST. Both of them went mad.
CLARE. But others didn’t, refused to make concessions to bad taste and yet managed survival without losing their minds. That’s purity. You’ve got to respect it or not.

Kayal Khanna als Kip in een uitvoering in het Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, 2013


AUGUST. I do, I will. But it will be years before I’ve mastered the craft of my work. I’ll try to survive the time till then.
CLARE. You’re young and strong and healthy. I don’t know your talent, but if you do and it’s good — forget concessions.
AUGUST. You have a rather precocious — knowledge of such things.
CLARE. Had to have that, exigency of –
AUGUST. — Survival?
CLARE. Had to have that early.
AUGUST. Why so early?
CLARE. My family in Newport, Rhode Island, were shocked by my lack of the conventions they valued too much.
KIP. Wow! I’ll continue my exercises. [He returns to the platform. Over the following he begins a series of slow, lyrical warmup exercises which will blend gracefully, later, into the pavane]”.

Tennessee Williams (26 maart 1911 – 25 februari 1983)
Portret door Juan Fernando Bastos, 2005

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