Hilary Mantel, Bodo Kirchhoff, William Wall, Bernhard Schlink, Marius Hulpe

De Engelse schrijfster, critica en advocate Hilary Mary Mantel werd op 6 juli 1952 als Hilary Mary Thompson in Glossop, Derbyshire, geboren. Zie ook alle tags voor Hilary Mantel op dit blog.

Uit:Bring Up the Bodies

“His children are falling from the sky. He watches from horse-back, acres of England stretching behind him; they drop, gilt-winged, each with a blood-filled gaze. Grace Cromwell hovers in thin air. She is silent when she takes her prey, silent as she glides to his fist. But the sounds she makes then, the rustle of feathers and the creak, the sigh and riffle of pinion, the small cluck-cluck from her throat, these are sounds of recognition, intimate, daughterly, almost disapproving. Her breast is gore-streaked and flesh clings to her claws.

Later, Henry will say, ‘Your girls flew well today’. The hawk Anne Cromwell bounces on the glove of Rafe Sadler, who rides by the king in easy conversation. They are tired; the sun is declining, and they ride back to Wolf Hall with the reins slack on the necks of their mounts. Tomorrow his wife and two sisters will go out. These dead women, their bones long sunk in London clay, are now transmigrated. Weightless, they glide on the upper currents of the air. They pity no one. They answer to no one.

Their lives are simple. When they look down they see nothing but their prey, and the borrowed plumes of the hunters: they see a flittering, flinching universe, a universe filled with their dinner. All summer has been like this, a riot of dismemberment, fur and feather flying; the beating off and the whipping in of hounds, coddling of tired horses, the nursing, by the gentlemen, of contusions, sprains and blisters. And for a few days at least, the sun has shone on Henry. Sometime before noon, clouds scudded in from the west and rain fell in big scented drops; but the sun re-emerged with a scorching heat, and now the sky is so clear you can see into Heaven and spy on what the saints are doing”.

Hilary Mantel (Glossop, 6 juli 1952)


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Peter Hedges, Wadih Saadeh, Fabrice Colin, Tobias Sommer

De Amerikaanse schrijver, draaiboekauteur en regisseur Peter Hedges werd geboren in West Des Moines, Iowa, op 6 juli 1962. Zie ook alle tags voor Peter Hedges op dit blog.

“My oldest sister, Amy, has fixed us a picnic feast. In a thermos was a quart of black cherry Kool-Aid, all of which Arnie drank in such a hurry that above his top lip is a purplish mustache. One of the first things you should know about Arnie is that he always has traces of some food on his face — Kool-Aid or ketchup or toast crumbs. His face is a kind of bulletin board for the four major food groups.

Arnie is the gentlest guy, but he can surprise this brother. In the summertime, he catches grasshoppers and sticks them in this metal tab on the mailbox, holding them there, and then he brings down the metal flag, chopping off the grasshopper heads. He always giggles hysterically when he does this, having the time of his life. But last night, when we were sitting on the porch eating ice cream, a countless sea of grasshopper bodies from summers past must have appeared to him, because he started weeping and sobbing like the world had ended. He kept saying, “I killed ‘em, I killed ‘em.” And me and Amy, we held him close, patted his back and told him it was okay.

Arnie cried for hours, cried himself to sleep. Makes this brother wonder what kind of a world it would be if all the surviving Nazis had such remorse. I wonder if it ever occurs to them what they did, and if it ever sinks in to a point that their bodies ache from the horrible mess they made. Or are they so smart that they can lie to us and to themselves? The beautiful thing about Arnie is that he’s too stupid to lie. Or too smart.

I’m standing with binoculars, looking down Highway 13; there is no sign of our annual carnival. The kid is on his knees, his hands rummaging around in the picnic basket. Having already eaten both bags of potato chips, both peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and both chocolate donuts, he locates a green apple and bites into it.

By trying to ignore Arnie’s lip-smacking noises, I am attempting the impossible. You see, he chews as if he’s just found his mouth and the sounds are that of good, sloppy sex. My brother’s slurps and gulps make me want to procreate with an assortment of Endora’s finest women.

It’s the twenty-first of June, the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. It isn’t even 7:00 a.m. yet and here I stand, little brother in tow. Somewhere some smart person still sleeps.”

Peter Hedges (West Des Moines, 6 juli 1962)


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Eino Leino, Serge Pey, Walter Flex, Paul Keller

De Finse dichter en schrijver Eino Leino (eig. Armas Eino Leopold Lönnbohm) werd geboren op 6 juli 1878 in Paltamo. Zie ook alle tags voor Eino Leino op dit blog.

Summer in Lapland (Fragment)

Blooming in Lapland goes by fast and quickly.
Grass, birch and barley, soon the green has gone.
That makes me ponder on the people badly,
when looking back to nation how it’s done.

Why all the beauty we have turns to rotten,
anything high we have gives way to mean.
Why do we have so many crazy madmen,
why only few who play their music clean?

Why do the men all over fall down ceasing,
give up, turn down, when the hopes are high?
The men of function, idea, men of dreaming,
all lose their sentiment and dreams will die.

Else where the old are filled with urge and fire,
the silver hairs have heart off brave and gold.
Here are the boys, the children; growing tired
the newborn baby is already old.

And how about me, why do all this thinking?
It is a sign of early aging old.
Why don’t I go for living with joy making,
but cry the past and regret what has gone.


Vertaald door Matti Naskali

Eino Leino (6 juli 1878 – 10 januari 1926)


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