Fernando Pessoa , Willem Brakman, William Butler Yeats, Thomas Heerma van Voss

 De Portugese dichter en schrijver Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa werd geboren in Lissabon op 13 juni 1888. Zie ook alle tags voor Fernando Pessoa op dit blog.



Listen, Daisy, When I Die, Although
                        On an Orient-bound ship
December 1913
(as Álvaro de Campos)

Listen, Daisy. When I die, although
You may not feel a thing, you must
Tell all my friends in London how much
My loss makes you suffer. Then go

To York, where you claim you were born
(But I don’t believe a thing you claim),
To tell that poor boy who gave me
So many hours of joy (but of course

You don’t know about that) that I’m dead.
Even he, whom I thought I sincerely
Loved, won’t care…. Then go and break

The news to that strange girl Cecily,
Who believed that one day I’d be great….
To hell with life and everyone in it!



I don’t Know if the Love You Give is Love You Have
                                                            (as Ricardo Reis)

I don’t know if the love you give is love you have
Or love you feign. You give it to me. Let that suffice.
I can’t be young by years,
So why not by illusion?
The Gods give us little, and the little they give is false.
But if they give it, however false it be, the giving
Is true. I accept it, and resign
Myself to believing you.


Vertaald door Richard Zenith




Fernando Pessoa (13 juni 1888 – 30 november 1935)

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