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Bij de Derde Advent


De Annunciatie, Fra Angelico, rond 1430


The Annunciation

The angel and the girl are met.
Earth was the only meeting place.
For the embodied never yet
Travelled beyond the shore of space.

The eternal spirits in freedom go.
See, they have come together, see,
While the destroying minutes flow,
Each reflects the other’s face
Till heaven in hers and earth in his
Shine steady there. He’s come to her
From far beyond the farthest star,
Feathered through time. Immediacy
Of strangest strangeness is the bliss
That from their limbs all movement takes.
Yet the increasing rapture brings
So great a wonder that it makes
Each feather tremble on his wings.

Outside the window footsteps fall
Into the ordinary day
And with the sun along the wall
Pursue their unreturning way.
Sound’s perpetual roundabout
Rolls its numbered octaves out
And hoarsely grinds its battered tune.

But through the endless afternoon
These neither speak nor movement make,
But stare into their deepening trance
As if their gaze would never break.


Edwin Muir (15 mei 1887 -3 januari 1959)

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Rafael Alberti, Pierre Lachambeaudie, V.S. Pritchett, Mary Russell Mitford, Olavo Bilac


De Spaanse dichter en schrijver Rafael Alberti werd geboren op 16 december 1902 in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz). Zie ook alle tags voor Rafael Alberti op dit blog.



The Dead Angels

(Buscad, buscadlos)

Search, search for them:

In the insomnia of forgotten conduits

In gutters blocked by the muteness of litter.

Not far from the pools incapable of retaining a cloud,

A lost eye

A broken ring

Or a trampled star.

For I’ve seen them:

In the rubble momentarily appearing in the mist.

For I’ve touched them:

In the exile of a defunct brick,

Come to naught from a tower or a cart,

No longer beyond the crumbling chimneys,

Nor the tenacious leaves that stick to shoes.

In all of that.

More in those stray splinters consumed without flame.

In those sunken absences broken furniture endures.

Not far from the names and signs that grow cold on the walls.

Search, search for them:

Beneath the drop of wax that buries the word in the book,

Or the signature on the corner of a letter,

That brings the dust rolling in.

Near the forgotten fragment of a bottle,

The sole of a shoe lost in the snow,

The razor-blade abandoned at the edge of a precipice.



Vertaald door A. S. Kline



Rafael Alberti (16 december 1902 – 27 oktober 1999)

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