José Carlos Somoza, Peter Härtling, Inez van Dullemen, Timo Berger, Hadjar Benmiloud

De Spaanse schrijver José Carlos Somoza werd geboren in Havana, Cuba op 13 november 1959. Zie ook alle tags voor José Carlos Somoza op dit blog.


Uit: The Athenian Murders (Vertaald door Sonia Soto)

“Your report, Physician?”

The doctor, Aschilos, took his time to answer, not even looking up at the captain. He disliked being addressed as “Physician,” even more when the speaker seemed contemptuous of every man save himself. Aschilos might not be a soldier, but he came from an old aristocratic family and had had a most refined education: He was conversant with The Aphorisms, observed the Hippocratic oath, and had spent long periods on the island of Cos, studying the sacred art of the Asclepiads, disciples and heirs of Asclepius. He was not, therefore, someone a captain of the border guard could easily humiliate. And he already felt insulted: He had been awakened by soldiers in the dark hours of the early morning and called to examine, in the middle of the street, the corpse of the young man brought down on a litter from Mount Lycabettus. And he was no doubt expected to draw up some kind of report. But as everyone well knew, he, Aschilos, was a doctor of the living, not the dead, and he believed that this shameful task discredited his profession. He lifted his hands from the mangled body, trailing a mane of bloody humors. His slave hurriedly cleansed them with a cloth moistened with lustral water. He cleared his throat twice and said, “I believe he was attacked by a hungry pack of wolves. He’s been bitten and mauled . . . The heart is missing. Torn out. The cavity of the hot fluids is partially empty.”

The murmur, with its long mane, ran through the crowd.

“You heard him, Hemodorus,” one man whispered to another. “Wolves.”

“Something must be done,” his companion replied. “We will discuss the matter at the Assembly.”

“His mother has been informed the captain announced, the firmness of his voice extinguishing all comments. “I spared her the details; she knows only that her son is dead. And she is not to see the body until Daminus of Clazobion arrives. He is the only man left in the family, and he will determine what is to be done.” Legs apart, fists resting on the skirt of his uniform, he had a powerful voice, accustomed to imposing obedience. He appeared to address his men, but also evidently enjoyed having the attention of the common people. “As for us, our work here is done!”

He turned to the crowd of civilians and added, “Citizens, return to your homes! There is nothing more to see! Sleep if you can . . . Part of the night remains!”


José Carlos Somoza (Havana, 13 november 1959)

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Nico Scheepmaker, Stanisław Barańczak, Humayun Ahmed, Dacia Maraini

De Nederlandse dichter, journalist en columnist Nico Scheepmaker werd geboren in Amsterdam op 13 november 1930. Zie ook alle tags voor Nico Scheepmaker op dit blog.



Ik lees nog wel zo lief een detective
als de memoires van Nadjezda Mandelstam.
Een mens wordt wel eens moe van het gedram
waarmee zo’n boek de mensheid wil gerieven.

En dat geldt idem dito voor de beelden
waarmee de televisie ons ontwricht.
Met uppercuts slaat zij de ogen dicht
van wie zich bij Mies Bouwman niet verveelden.

Natuurlijk is dit dommepraat. En rechts.
Ik ben het ook oneens met wat hier staat
zolang het om het een óf ander gaat.

Het werkelijke leven ken je slechts
als je behalve Mandelstams memoires
ook onderkent dat Pietje Keizer waar is.


Een blijvertje

Het feit dat ik in Holland ben geboren,
en bovendien precies in Amsterdam,
bewijst toch wel dat ik ben uitverkoren:
ik kreeg de hamvraag en ik won de ham.

Een ander wordt geboren in Vietnam
of raakt bij voorbaat in Algiers verloren,
maar ik, die zo terloops ter wereld kwam,
mag rustig tot de blijvertjes behoren.

En ook het tijdstip was perfect gekozen:
te jong voor crisis, oorlog en verzet.
Wat dat betreft zat ik dus ook op rozen,
want niemand gaf mij later een brevet
van onvermogen in het goede of boze.

Mijn leven is een aangenaam verpozen,
een ander krijgt de schillen en de dozen.

Nico Scheepmaker (13 november 1930 – 5 april 1990)

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William Gibson, Gérald Godin, Karl Jakob Hirsch, Robert Louis Stevenson, Esaias Tegnér


De Amerikaanse schrijver William Gibson werd geboren op 13 november 1914 in New York. Zie ook mijn blog van 13 november 2010.


Uit: A Cry Of Players


„Ned: “Listen to them. Today they guffawed at the death scene.”
Will: “Oafs, yes, I agree with …”
Heming: “Ned thinks we’d have a glorious stage if we’d only get rid of the damned audience.”
Pope: “Wasn’t the scene, Willie (Kemp) was ogling a wench in the front.”
Ned: “Ogling a…”
Kemp (Willie): “I wasn’t ogling a wench.”
Ned: “What were you doing?”
Kemp (Willie): “Humoring the scene.”
Ned (shocked): “Humoring a death scene? Willie …”
Kemp (Willie): “Well, don’t draw it out so.”



Ned: “Why can’t he watch?”
Kemp (chortling): “He can, he can! Watch, act, rule the realm, he’ll talk his way into anything. Midnight?”
Will: “Midnight.” (They are setting the time to go poaching for deer)
Ned: “It’s exactly that, and the issue is are we to compromise it to entertain the vulgar, or…” Pope: “For God’s sake, what’s wrong with entertaining the folk? It’s what we’re for.”
Ned: “It’s not what I am for.”
Kemp: “It’s what he’s against. Ned, there’s your throne.”
Ned: “No, we’re either practitioners of an art going back to the ancients or a pack of clowning beggars, and I won’t be bound to the level of a herd of dolts.”

William Gibson (13 november 1914 – 25 november 2008)


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