Michael Longley, Hilde Domin, Theodore Dreiser, Marijke Höweler, Julien Gracq

De Ierse dichter Michael Longley werd geboren op 27 juli 1939 in Belfast. Zie ook mijn blog van 27 juli 2007 en ook mijn blog van 27 juli 2009 en ook mijn blog van 27 juli 2010.


The Ice-Cream Man

Rum and raisin, vanilla, butter-scotch, walnut, peach:

You would rhyme off the flavours. That was before

They murdered the ice-cream man on the Lisburn Road

And you bought carnations to lay outside his shop.

I named for you all the wild flowers of the Burren

I had seen in one day: thyme, valerian, loosestrife,

Meadowsweet, tway blade, crowfoot, ling, angelica,

Herb robert, marjoram, cow parsley, sundew, vetch,

Mountain avens, wood sage, ragged robin, stitchwort,

Yarrow, lady’s bedstraw, bindweed, bog pimpernel.




Eurycleia fetched a basin, poured cold water into it,

Added hot water, and got ready to wash his feet.

But Odysseus shifted out of the firelight, afraid

She might notice his scar, the key to his identity,

A wound a boar inflicted years back, a flesh-wound.

His wet-nurse cradled his foot in her hands and touched

The scar, and recognising him she let go of his leg

Which clattered into the basin — water everywhere,

Such pain and happiness, her eyes filling with tears,

Her old voice cracking as she stroked his beard and whispered

‘You are my baby boy for sure and I didn’t know you

Until I had fondled my master’s body all over.’



I began like Odysseus by loving the wrong woman

Who has disappeared among the skyscrapers of New York

After wandering for thousands of years from Ithaca.

She alone remembers the coppice, dense and overgrown,

Where in a compost of dead leaves the boar conceals

Its bristling spine and fire-red eyes and white tusks.


Michael Longley (Belfast, 27 juli 1939)

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Hilaire Belloc, Vladimir Korolenko, Lafcadio Hearn, Rajzel Zychlinsk, Alexandre Dumas fils, Denis Davydov

De Britse dichter en schrijver Hilaire Belloc werd geboren te St-Cloud op 27 juli 1870. Zie ook mijn blog van 27 juli 2009 en ook mijn blog van 27 juli 2010.


I, from a window where the Meuse is wide,
Looked eastward out to the September night;
The men that in the hopeless battle died
Rose, and deployed, and stationed for the fight;
A brumal army, vague and ordered large
For mile on mile by some pale general,-
I saw them lean by companies to the charge,
But no man living heard the bugle-call.

And fading still, and pointing to their scars,
They fled in lessening clouds, where gray and high
Dawn lay along the heaven in misty bars;
But watching from that eastern casement, I
Saw the Republic splendid in the sky,
And round her terrible head the morning stars.


Look, how those steep woods on the mountain’s face
Burn, burn against the sunset; now the cold
Invades our very noon: the year’s grown old,
Mornings are dark, and evenings come apace.
The vines below have lost their purple grace,
And in Forreze the white wrack backward rolled,
Hangs to the hills tempestuous, fold on fold,
And moaning gusts make desolate all the place.

Mine host the month, at thy good hostelry,
Tired limbs I’ll stretch and steaming beast I’ll tether;
Pile on great logs with Gascon hand and free,
And pour the Gascon stuff that laughs at weather;
Swell your tough lungs, north wind, no whit care we,
Singing old songs and drinking wine together.

Hilaire Belloc (27 juli 1870. – 16 juli 1953)

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